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Michael Obert

Michael Obert is a musician and educator.  He grew up in Minnesota and has studied cello for 16 years.  Michael graduated in from Augsburg University with his bachelor’s degree in Music Education.  Michael is a regular performer with the Northern Symphony Orchestra and the Augsburg University Community Orchestra, and has regular gigs with his string quartet.  In addition to his classical background, Michael enjoys performing in a range of other venues and mediums.  Michael has played with rock bands, recorded soundtracks for indie films, and performed improvisatory scores for Avant Garde theater productions.  Michael enjoys composing, music theory, and score study alongside his performing experience.  Michael brings this variety of musical backgrounds to his lessons.

Michael has been teaching cello for 9 years and enjoys teaching a range of techniques and genres.  While studying with Michael, you can expect creative and fun lessons that always focus on the student’s needs and desires.  Michael’s goal in lessons is to always take a student-centered approach and help guide students to where they want to go.

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