Kristy Warren

Kristy Warren believes that everyone, without exception, is profoundly musical and that learning to play the piano can be an incredibly joyful experience! Kristy received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in music performance and has taught piano, voice, and early childhood music throughout her adult life.


Kristy teaches an Australian "playing-based" piano method called Simply Music which temporarily delays the note reading process so that students experience the joy of immediately playing fantastic sounding music…from their very first lessons.   Students can quickly and easily learn to play 35 to 50 beautiful pieces from memory in their first year, after which a unique approach to music reading is introduced.  


Kristy compares the Simply Music method to the way we naturally learn to speak before we ever learn to read.  It draws on and nurtures the innate sense of music we all possess and teaches students to play the piano by immersing them in the actual process of playing.   Students also explore, in a natural and anxiety-free way, the possibilities of musical arrangements, composition, and improvisation, as well as acquire the wonderful skills of accompaniment.


Simply Music is an outstanding method for all ages, and Kristy is enthusiastic about teaching adult and senior learners, as well as children, whether they are completely new to piano or starting over again after many years.  Regardless of age, she seeks to bring a joyful, self-affirming musical experience to all of her students, with the goal of making music a companion for life.


Kristy and her husband make their home in Plymouth. She is the proud mom of three amazing children and one very ornery, but lovable cat.

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