Jenny Lang

Jennifer Lang has been teaching the violin since high school, where she began as a one-on-one tutor to a student in her teacher’s studio in Minneapolis. From a young age, she loved orchestra playing and was a member of Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, which afforded her opportunities to travel and perform across Eastern Europe and China.  Following graduation from Oberlin College/Conservatory, where she earned degrees in Violin Performance and French, Jennifer took a sabbatical in France where she taught violin to students at the International School of Paris as well as the Ecole Koenig.  She also continued her performance studies at the Conservatoire du Centre in Paris, co-launched a non-profit arts organization -Sinfonietta Paris, attended translation school at Ecole Supérieur d’Interprètes et de Traductuers, and helped organize a week-long concert tour with her trio across villages in Corsica.

Since her return to the Twin Cities in 2012, Jennifer has taught at MacPhail Center for Music, the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary School (FAIR), the St. Paul Conservatory of Music, St. Paul City School, Holy Family Academy, the Cesar Chavez School, and appeared as a guest musician at dozens of public schools across the metro.  As a free-lance performer, Jennifer plays regularly with the Minnesota Sinfonia and the Lyra Baroque Ensemble.  She also creates her own recital programs and is especially passionate about collaborating with artists of other disciplines.  One of her more recent recital collaborations was with local dance historian Jane Peck for a program integrating baroque instruments and dance.  The program incorporated music, lecture, and opportunities for the audience to learn and practice dance steps of that time period.  Prior to that, she collaborated with St. Paul composer Janika Vandervelde and choreographer Deborah Thayer to create an acoustical composition, KAYAK, that layers violin improvisations with themes of nature and sound and is most successfully performed outdoors in a garden setting.

A trained Suzuki teacher, Jennifer is continually seeking out professional development workshops to expand her palette and make lessons more engaging and productive for her students.  Most recently, she has begun training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a Swiss pedagogy method that incorporates the idea of “music as movement” at the heart of its philosophy. Perhaps most central to Jennifer’s teaching personality is her desire to connect with her students holistically, to understand their unique passions to better serve them in her role as violin teacher. Whether her students are aspiring to become professional players, play for enjoyment, or something in between, Jennifer aspires to make a positive impact in her students’ development as human beings.  She wants to infuse them with life skills like patience, dedication, perseverance, discipline, creativity, ingenuity, self-confidence, mind-body awareness, and the myriad other skills that go along with learning a challenging instrument like the violin/viola.

Beyond music, Jennifer has many interests--especially in the areas of the environment and personal wellness. Certified through the Permaculture Research Institute, Jennifer keeps abreast with community gardening efforts in the Twin Cities area.  She is also completing her Master Recycler Certification.  Jennifer just finished her term as president of Cooperative Energy Futures, a Twin Cities-based energy cooperative that builds community solar gardens.  She is co-author of The Art of Wellbeing: A Resource for Health and Healing.  Jennifer views all of these adjunct activities as necessary supplements to her own growth and development as a human being and life-long learner.

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