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Ben Grosser
Piano/ Guitar

Ben Grosser is a musician, songwriter and teacher.  He has studied piano for 20 years and guitar for 13.  He graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in 2014 with a degree in Composition and Songwriting.  Ben has a passion for music education and it runs in his blood with his grandparents also being music teachers!  Ben has performed with various local music acts and has taught small ensembles the skills of collaboration and dedication.

Ben focuses on teaching solid fundamentals in order to show students how to effectively learn in their continuing studies.  He is broad in the genres of music he teaches and performs, and uses that base to find common ground for students who are interested in less traditional methods of learning.  He also focuses on finding unique and personally tailored teaching styles for each student, in order to cultivate a desire to continue learning and develop self-discipline.

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